About Me

Hi, my name is Gale, and I live with my family out in the countryside. We run our own farm which takes up most of our time, planting and growing our own food, as well as looking after a growing number of horses and livestock.

What started with a few laying hens has grown to family milk cows, beef production, sheep, laying hens, broiler chickens and pigs for both home consumption and to sell at our local farmers market.  We value grass and pasture feeding, and have learned a lot along the way to help livestock thrive while living on pasture.

We are very passionate about our lifestyle and love to share our experiences and stories with others, in the hope that it will spur someone on to live the self-made lifestyle that we have enjoyed and cherished for a number of years.

I created the Gale’s Westlake website to put my knowledge, experience and expertise to good use. With the help of my husband John, I have put together some help/advice, information posts, as well as some buyer guide reviews for the type of products we use regularly.

Any spare time I or my husband John have left in the day will go towards updating this website. We try out best to stay on tops of things, but because of our busy schedule and life, the site can sometimes go a while without being updated, which we apologize for in advance.

If you enjoy the outdoor experience and culture that we promote here, or just want to drop by and say hi, then feel free to leave me a message here thanks.

Enjoy the precious time you have outdoors while you can!