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How to Install an Electric Fence for Cattle

Electric Fence Installation for Cattle

Those who have livestock usually depend on these animals for their income. In this context, looking after them and ensuring that they are contained is essential. After all, livestock that run away or get attacked by foxes and other feral animals ​is a disaster for farmers and other people who depend on the land for […]

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Tips for Cattle Herding

Cattle Herding Tips

If you are considering raising cattle either as a career or a means to earn some extra income, you’re going to need to learn how to herd them. Although this probably won’t shock you, cows aren’t the most willing of animals to do what you tell them. Learning to herd cattle requires a good attitude, […]

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How to Keep Your Sheep and Goats Healthy

Keeping Goats and Sheep Healthy

Good feeding and breeding is simply not enough to raise a healthy flock of sheep and goats; for maximum production, you need to go above and beyond in providing the right lifestyle for these animals, and an effective health management program is essential for successful rearing of these herd animals.Since each herd of sheep and […]

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How to Keep a Horse Cool in Hot Weather

Horse in Hot Weather

Summer is fast approaching, and at last we are able to enjoy some hot weather. Although us humans love the heat and can keep ourselves cool, the same cannot be said for our pets, and this includes horses.When the sun starts shining down on us again, horse owners need to be extra prepared to keep […]

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