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Which Is More Profitable: Goats or Sheep?

Goats and Sheep for Profit

When you are trying to determine whether sheep or goats are more profitable to own, you need to consider a number of factors. For example, different kinds of goats produce different products, whether it is meat, milk, or something else. The same goes for sheep. Take a look at the following factors that help to […]

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Things to Consider When Choosing a Stock Fence

Stock Fence

There are many different types of stock fencing materials to choose from, thanks to new technologies and improvements. When you are determining which stock fence is best for your farm, you need to consider the stock netting, including the type of wire and the type of knot, as well as the pattern in the mesh. […]

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When to Blanket a Horse Temperature Guide

Horse with a Blanket

Whether you clip your horse in the winter or not, there are times when you will need to use a blanket. With all of the blanket choices out there, it can be overwhelming to determine which one is the one you need. This handy guide will explain why horses need blankets and how to choose […]

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When Should You Clip Your Horse?

Clipping a Horse

In the fall, horses grow their winter coats, and although they look adorable, if you are riding your horse regularly, you will need to clip it. When you ride horses with their winter coats, they can sweat, and it is very hard for them to dry. This can cause them to get a chill, which […]

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How to Keep a Barn Warm in Winter

Warm Barn in Winter

Winter can be miserable for people who live on a farm. There are days when the barn is unbearably cold. If you need to be in the barn working for periods of time throughout the day, you will need to find ways to keep it warm. Take a look at the following ways to keep […]

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How to Keep Livestock Water From Freezing

Freezing Water Livestock

The winter months can be hard on livestock. Frozen ground, sometimes covered with snow or ice prevents them from roaming and grazing, which is what they are meant to do. In addition, their water can end up freezing. This problem must be addressed, as livestock need to have access to clean water at all times. […]

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How to Keep Horses From Wasting Hay

Horses Wasting Hay

Hay can be one of the biggest expenses in keeping your horse. It is not uncommon for people to feed hay by throwing the hay into the stall on the ground. The horse will stick his head down and start eating, but when you go to clean the stall, you will find hay trampled on […]

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Symptoms and Signs of Worms in Sheep

Checking Sheep for Worms

It is important to have a regular worm management plan for your sheep because worms can lead to serious illness and death. Most sheep do have worms in their digestive system, which helps them to develop and maintain immunity to worms. In fact, lambs under 12 months as well as sheep that have just given […]

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How to Trim Sheep and Goat Hooves

Trimming Sheep and Goat Hooves

Sheep and goats need their hooves trimmed regularly. Not only will this help you detect and treat hoof problems before they turn into a serious condition, but overgrown hooves can make it difficult for sheep and goats to walk and lead to other more serious physical conditions. You need to check your sheep and goats […]

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How to Install an Electric Fence for Cattle

Electric Fence Installation for Cattle

Those who have livestock usually depend on these animals for their income. In this context, looking after them and ensuring that they are contained is essential. After all, livestock that run away or get attacked by foxes and other feral animals ‚Äčis a disaster for farmers and other people who depend on the land for […]

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