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The Best Sheep Drench Gun of 2018 (Including Reviews)

The Best Sheep Drench Gun Reviews

​A decent drench gun is not only a great piece of farming equipment to have if you own sheep or livestock, but it can literaly help you save your farm animals lives. ​​If you have a large amount of livestock on a farm or pasture​, then the risk of one of them catching a deadly […]

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Best Goat and Sheep Hoof Trimmers of 2018 | Reviews

Best Goat and Sheep Hoof Trimmers Reviews

​Good hoof trimmers can ​make all the difference when it comes to trimming your goat or sheep’s hoves. Trimming is an essential part of keeping these animals on a farm or pasture and needs to be done regularly. If you have a lot of sheep or goats running around, then it may take a long […]

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Best Sheep and Goat Clippers of 2018 (Reviews)

Sheep and Goats on Farm

​A good pair of sheep or goat clippers is essential if you’re into keeping them on a farm or pasture. If you have a large number of them roaming around, then you need something that will let you quickly, and efficiently ​​shear ​their coats. Because you want the job done right, you’ll want a quality […]

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Best Horse Barn and Stall Fans of 2018 | Reviews

​A good barn or stall fan is ​perfect for keeping for keeping your horses nice and cool when things get too hot. As humans we all know what it’s like when scorching hot weather strikes, ​but, we can simply go take a drink, sit in the shade and ​use a fan to cool us down. […]

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The Best Cattle Prod of 2018 | Reviews and Guide

Cattle Herd1

​Cattle prods have been used in some form or another for ​many years now. They are very effective when dealing with and controlling large herds of cattle such as cows. They’re designed in a way that ensures they’re safe and won’t cause any discomfort or long-term damage to the cattle. They’re ​pretty simple to use […]

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