Best Rat Proof Chicken Feeder (Reviews) 2023

Best Rat Proof Chicken Feeder

Keeping chickens can be a fun and rewarding experience for a keeper with any level of experience. However, there are a lot of hardships, as well, while keeping a flock. One of the biggest problems that chicken keepers have to deal with is pests, such as rats, getting into the chicken feed and eating, stealing, or otherwise destroying the food supply.

So what’s the best way to deal with this problem? Insecticides, rat poisons, and other measures can cause harm to your flock if accidentally ingested or following prolonged exposure. A fantastic solution to the problem is to get the best rat proof chicken feeder you can get your hands on.

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Reviews of the Best Rat Proof Chicken Feeders

Grandpa’s Feeders Automatic Chicken Feeder

This chicken feeder has been trusted for over twenty years by chicken keepers everywhere in the world. For the duration of that time, they have accepted customer feedback and have continuously tested to improve the design of this feeder. 

It’s made with galvanized steel that’s sure to endure any weather conditions. The high feed capacity guarantees that you won’t have to fill this feeder constantly, and the anti-flick grill keeps your chickens from wasting their food by spraying it around.


  • Made with high-quality galvanized steel to endure even the harshest outdoor conditions
  • Has a large feed capacity, able to hold and contain about 20 pounds of chicken feed
  • Features an anti-flick grill to stop chickens from throwing food out of the tray
  • Comes with a two-year money-back guarantee
  • Waterproof and chew-proof


  • Sometimes the gravity-fed feed tray doesn’t fill up as quickly as the chickens empty it
  •  You have to manually push the food down for the chickens to be able to reach it properly

RentACoop Metallic Treadle

The RentACoop Metallic Treadle Feeder mimics the design and functionality of the Grandpa’s Feeders model, with some notable improvements. While both are metallic, waterproof, and pest-proof, the RentACoop model can hold up to 25 pounds of feed instead of 20.

Additionally, the pressure plate of this feeder is adjustable. This means that if you have lighter birds, such as bantams, they will be able to use this feeder as easily as heftier chickens. This feeder also comes with a detailed training manual and instructional DVDs to help you properly guide your chickens to use it.


  • Can hold up to 25 pounds of feed
  • Is waterproof and pest-proof
  • Has an adjustable pressure plate for smaller or lighter chicken breeds
  • Metallic grill prevents chickens from throwing or spilling feed
  • Comes with instructional videos and manuals to help you teach your chickens to use the feeder


  • The bolts and screws for training strip easily and may be difficult to take out following their intended use as a result

RentACoop Chicken Feeder Grain Bucket

This manufacturer has been very open to customer feedback with previous versions of this product and has improved on the design and functionality as a result. It’s great for any chicken that’s at least twelve weeks of age or older - you will have to get something more suitable for younger chicks.

It removes your chicken’s ability to throw or sling food, so it helps to cut food waste by up to 99 percent. That’s a significant amount of money that this product can save you. It’s made of BPA-free, 100% food-grade plastic and will hold up to 20 pounds of chicken feed.


  • Great for chickens that are at least 12 weeks and older
  • Comes with a No-Roost Cap
  • Cuts food waste by up to 99% by eliminating the chickens’ ability to throw or sling the food
  • Made of 100% Food-Grade, BPA-free plastic
  • Holds up to 20 pounds of feed


  • There are only two openings for the chickens to feed out of, which may result in some quarreling if everyone wants to eat at once

PestOff Rat-Proof Feeder Kit

This feeder is 100% rat-proof. It has a unique, anti-spill design to keep your chickens from dumping out any of their feed as well. But the biggest feature of this hanging chicken feeder is that it uses patented rat-proof technology and design.

If a rat tries to gain access to the food, the hatch at the front of the feeder moves down, blocking access to the food tray. The rat, eventually, will get frustrated and look for food elsewhere, and the hatch will automatically return to its open position so that your chickens can graze freely.

This feeder is great for smaller or medium-sized flocks and holds about eight pounds of feed.


  • 100% rat, mouse, and large bird proof
  • Has a moderate 8-pound capacity
  • Completely weatherproof and made of food-grade materials and non-rusting stainless steel
  • Guaranteed not to clog or require constant refilling
  • Great for feeding layer pellets, mixed corn, and dried mealworms


  • The springs of the feeder isn't the most durable

 Royal Rooster Chicken Poultry with Rain Cover

This is another hanging chicken feeder that hooks easily onto mesh or wire fences. It can also be affixed to a wall using the included aluminum brackets, so you have a few options for how to install this feeder.

It’s perfect for small flocks of up to six chickens that eat either pellets or general feed mixes. This feeder is about 20 inches tall, holds approximately 6.5 pounds of feed, and features a rain cover that will keep your chicken’s feed dry and clean if used outside.


  • This chicken feeder hooks easily onto mesh or wire or can be attached to a solid wall with the included aluminum brackets
  • Works great with most feed types including pellets and general feed mixes
  • Holds about 6.5 pounds of feed in a 20-inch tall canister
  • Works well for smaller flocks of four to six chickens
  • Uses a rain cover to keep your chicken feed clean and dry if used outside


  • Some feed types can become clogged more easily than others in this feeder, meaning it will need to be shaken or dumped
  • The access opening for where the chickens feed is a bit small for multiple birds

Rat Proof Feeder for Chickens Buying Considerations

While looking for the best rat-proof chicken feeders, it’s important to know several things about the feeders as well as about your needs regarding them.

Some of these factors include what kind of pests you want to be kept out of the feeder, the type of feed you’ll be using, and the number of chickens you have to feed. You should also decide if you want a hanging feeder or not, and what material the feeder is made of.

What Kinds of Pests You Are Keeping Out

There are several pests and wild animals that will try to eat your chicken feed when you don’t want them to. Not only will they cut into the available feed, but they may also be carrying diseases and parasites that could infect your chicken. But, if they can’t access the food, they’re more likely to stay away and look elsewhere for a meal, which can protect your flock.

Rodents: Rats and Mice

The biggest problem for most, and the reason for this article: rats and mice. These rodents will typically get into anything and everything that even remotely smells like food, and that includes your feed bags, feeders, and more if you aren’t careful and don’t take the right precautions.

Metal and other protective, thick, and chew-proof materials are great for the storage and distribution of chicken feed when rats and mice become a concern. Food-grade PVC and plastic are also resistant to the gnawing teeth of rats.

Wild Birds

It’s a bit trickier at times to keep wild birds out of your chicken feed. This is because, typically, if a chicken can get to the food, so can other birds. Sometimes the best practice to keep wild birds from eating your chicken feed is to closely monitor your flock while they feed and cover or otherwise conceal the feeder afterward.

Some chicken feeders, however, feature weighted plates that will reveal the feed when the chicken steps on the mechanism. This is a more convenient way of keeping wild birds from getting a free meal.

Number of Chickens Being Fed

The feed capacity of your feeder is important because you don’t want to fill it and not have it used or go to waste if your chickens take ages to eat through it. Some people purchase larger capacity feeders and don’t fill it all the way, they only fill it to whatever amount their chickens will eat in a day or two. This helps to keep the feed from going stale or becoming infested.

Hanging or Ground Feeder

This may be a combination of preference and necessity depending on how persistent your pest problem happens to be.

Hanging feeders can be positioned up off the ground at a level that is comfortable for your chickens to reach. They can usually be affixed to either wire fences or solid walls without difficulty. They’re great for keeping rats and mice at bay and keeping some insects from crawling into the feeder.

Ground feeders may be more convenient though, and may also have some features that keep pests and vermin out of the chicken feed, like weight plates and seals. These are particularly good for chicks and younger chickens that might not be able to reach the hanging feeders as easily as the older hens and roosters.

The Material

The best materials for your chicken feeder when you’re trying to prevent rats from eating the feed are either metal or durable, chew-proof PVC and other plastics.

Metal, particularly stainless or galvanized steel, are the best options so long as they’re guaranteed not to rust or corrode.

The plastics, if you go that route instead, should be food-grade and thick enough that a rat or mouse cannot chew its way into the container or feed bin.

The Final Word

There can be no doubt that rats and other pests can not only be a hazard to your flock, but can cost you a substantial amount of money in feed costs. One of the best ways to alleviate this problem is to get the best rat-proof chicken feeder and the products that we have reviewed more than fit that bill. Start saving money on chicken food today by using one of these amazing feeders.

  • Updated May 23, 2023