Best Fan for Horse Trailer (Reviews) 2023

Best Fan for Horse Trailer

There’s nothing worse than being stuck in a hot trailer with low ventilation and no real airflow.  If you don’t have a fan for your horse trailer, that’s something your horses deal with every time you load them up. Having a fan available and ready to use in your horse trailer is just as important as having a fan for a stall or barn installed for the horse in warm weather.

To make your horses more comfortable while you’re traveling in the summer, you need to have the right cooling in place. For this reason, we’ve compiled a list of the five best fans for horse trailers.

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Reviews of the Best Fans for Horse Trailers

Caframo Sirocco II Mounted Fan

The Caframo Sirocco II Mounted Fan is a powerful cabin and trailer fan that was designed primarily for marine, RV, and trailer use. It auto-senses whether the connection it’s attached to is 12-volt or 24-volt.

This fan features an innovative gimbaled design. This allows it to be adjusted for a full 360 degrees of directional airflow, depending on how and where you mount it. It’s available in both black and white colors.

It has three separate speed settings with four timer settings, allowing you to customize the level of comfort and control experienced.


  • This fan is lighter than most of the metal model fans but is still extremely durable
  • The instructions that come with this fan are very clear and easy to follow
  • It's quiet and moves an impressive amount of air, giving your horses optimum airflow in the trailer
  • This fan can be rotated a full 360 degrees depending on how it’s mounted in the trailer
  • Easy to install


  • Metal would maybe be a better choice of material

Prime Products Chrome 06-0850 Heavy-Duty Fan

This is a chrome, all-metal fan that is made to last. The heavy-duty, permanent magnet motor powers the 6-inch blades to provide superior airflow inside of your horse trailer.

This fan was designed and made for use in OEM installations which include use in horse or cattle trailers. There’s a switch on the base that allows you to turn the fan on high, low, or off, but there is no remote control operation for this fan and it may be a little noisier than expected on the highest setting.

You can only use this fan with 12-volt applications, so make sure that you have the appropriate connection available.


  • Comes with two speed controls of high and low
  • Uses 1.4 amps and 6-inch fan blades
  • Fully metal construction for durability and stability
  • Can be permanently mounted on a surface that has an appropriate amount of space
  • Great for use in horse trailers


  • This fan can only be used with 12-volt applications
  • Can be a bit louder than other models of fan

4 HVAC C US 1000641228 Chrome 12V

The 4 HVAC C US Chrome Auxiliary Fan is a high-quality fan that moves air around with an impressive amount of power and force. This metal fan features fully chrome on all of the metal pieces and parts.

The mounting holes of the base are intended to be used with high-quality, heavy-duty screws that won’t give way or come loose while you’re in motion. This is because the fan unit itself isn’t lightweight, and vibrations, bumps, and more from driving will easily tug at the mounts and pull loose any low- or mid-quality screws that you try to use instead.

This fan is great for use in trailers, trucks, and more and the U-joint base allows you to swivel and adjust the fan for a full 360 degrees.


  • This fan is designed to act as a cooling system and a defroster in colder conditions or high-humidity
  • Has a two-speed operation
  • Great for horse trailers, trucks, buses, agricultural machinery, and RV applications
  • Easy to install on any flat surface in any vehicle
  • Comes with a U-joint base for 360-degree swivel adjustments


  • This fan may be louder than anticipated in a small space even on the low setting

Maradyne F-320212 Automotive Accessories

The Maradyne fan is a heavy-duty commercial fan that has an airflow output of 280 and 220 cfm. It uses a 12-volt DC connection for power and runs four blades with a blade diameter of 6.5-inches.

This fan is meant to be able to swivel and be adjusted manually, however many customers seem to have difficulty with that where the fan either won’t budge at all or is very difficult to move.


  • This fan weighs a little over 3.5 pounds and is very sturdy for a variety of uses
  • The fan puts out an average ambient decibel reading of about 31
  • Works with 12-volt connections and can be used with transformers, bought separately
  • Put out a lot of air and increase airflow dramatically


  • This fan is supposed to allow for swivel adjustments, but sometimes you are unable to move or adjust the fan properly, so this may not be the best choice if you anticipate needing to manually swivel it

RoadPro RP-1179 Metal

This RoadPro fan is made with 100% metal, from the base all throughout the construction and including the blades. It has a ten-foot-long fused cord plug that connects to a standard 12-volt port.

This chrome-finished fan has two different speed settings - high and low. It puts out an impressive amount of airflow for the size of the small fan. Additionally, it has a built-in ball-in-socket style swivel that rotates, but the amount of vertical swivel is limited so you won’t be able to mount it to a wall with as much convenience.


  • This fan has two-speed operative settings, low and high
  • Is made with 100% heavy-duty metal with an attractive chrome finish
  • Has a ten-foot power cord
  • Can be permanently mounted on a flat surface
  • Has an adjustable swivel-ball base for easy adjustments


  • While it is capable of swivel adjustments, the swivel is limited and makes it less than ideal for wall mounting

Horse Trailer Fans Buying Considerations

When you go to buy a fan for your horse trailer, there are several things that you should keep in mind. Primarily, these include the voltage of the fan and your vehicle, the simplicity of wiring the fan to your vehicle or trailer, the compatibility with a spare battery or generator, and the mountability of the fan.

Voltage and Plug Type

Not all fans are created equal, and not all fans will accept the same power sources. Some may connect to 220-volt setups and others primarily connect to 120-volt plugs or outlets.

You should also take note of the plug type that’s attached to the fan. Some can be mounted in your vehicle or in the trailer, as they can connect to the cigarette lighter socket of the vehicle where applicable.

Wiring Simplicity or Battery Operation

Once you have a trailer fan, you’ll need to be able to wire it to the trailer by connecting it to the battery of the towing vehicle, a generator, or a battery pack. Some trailer fans are battery-operated, to begin with, but most are not.

Check to see what other customers have said about the simplicity of wiring their fan to their truck battery or generator before you purchase your trailer fan.

Alternatively, you may have someone willing to help you properly wire the fan to your trailer. You should be sure to select a fan based on their suggestions for your uses and what ease or difficulty they will have setting the fan up for you.

Compatibility with a Spare Battery or Generator

A separate power source for your fan may make or break your experience with trailer fans. Running a fan constantly can easily drain any truck battery, and then you run the risk of being stranded with a hot horse or horses in your trailer.

Additionally, if your horse trailer needs to be unhooked from your towing vehicle, you’ll need a power source if you plan to have an animal in the trailer during that time. If you don’t want to have a generator hooked to the trailer or set-up inside of it, you can usually find appropriate battery packs that can be installed on the front of the trailer beneath the gooseneck or on the tongue of the bumper pull.

Having either of these options will spare your towing vehicle’s battery the extra stress and pull of power, while still ensuring that your horses and other animals stay comfortable and cool in the trailer. 

Mounting Potential

Really, this factor might be obvious or a moot point, but it’s important all the same. A stand-up fan isn’t the most secure option for use in your horse trailer, even secured they can fall over sometimes or may wiggle or shift around.

Fans that you can mount on the wall or ceiling of your trailer are the best options to use. Metal or heavy-duty plastic fans are the best for this, as they are typically more durable and can handle the sometimes intense conditions of the inside of the horse trailer.

Additionally, you want to be sure that your trailer can handle you mounting a fan close to an outlet or committed generator that can be positioned out of reach of your horses to avoid any potential for injury.

The Final Word

The importance of having a fan in your horse trailer should not be overlooked. That’s why we’ve listed the five best fans for horse trailers, with appropriate reviews to tell you a bit more about them. We’ve also given you a useful buying guide with things to look for while considering which fan you want to purchase. Hopefully, we were able to help you find the right fan for your horse trailer.

  • Updated May 29, 2023