Best Cinch for Sensitive Horse (Reviews) 2023

Best Cinch for Sensitive Horse

There are several things you need to properly, safely, and comfortably ride your horse no matter the purpose of the ride. You don’t want your horse, or you, to get injured, and having a properly-fitting cinch is important to your safety, as well as that of your horse.

The cinch is the band that goes around the underside of your horse, along its belly, to hold the saddle or pad in place. If the cinch is wrong, either too loose or just not the proper type, you could inadvertently be hurting your horse, or your saddle may slide and throw you to the ground.

Some horses, however, are more sensitive than others, and may not tolerate all cinch types. So, we’ve made a list of the five best cinches for sensitive horses.

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Top 5 Rated Comparison Table

Reviews of the Best Cinches for Sensitive Horses

Weaver Leather Felt-Lined Smart Cinch

Our first product for the best cinch for your sensitive horse is the Weaver Leather Felt-Lined Smart Cinch. This cinch comes in a variety of styles and materials, including straight and roper styles.

This particular cinch is fantastic for trail riding and is a favorite among riders for this reason. Additionally, it features the patented Roll Snug Cinch Buckle. This expertly-designed and crafted roller system has less play, meaning your latigo rolls more smoothly than ever before.

The cinch has a nylon off-billet holder and uses a mix of poly webbing and a half-inch of 100% felt backing to keep your horse comfortable during your ride.


  • The felt-lined cinch is durable and comfortable while offering support
  • Comes in an attractive black or brown color with ½” of black polyester felt backing
  • Great for trail riding
  • Uses a patented, stainless steel Roll Snug Cinch Buckle to give more leverage while tightening the girth
  • Designed with a contoured lip to keep your latigo securely positioned


  • It can be difficult to clean at times

Weaver Leather Neoprene Smart Cinch

Another great Weaver cinch is their leather neoprene Smart Cinch. It has all of the fantastic and beneficial features of the felt-lined cinch listed above, minus the felt itself.

This cinch is seen as being better with resisting the elements and different kinds of wear, though, because you don’t have to worry about cleaning the felt in any particular way. Additionally, the neoprene is made to resist the elements while moving with your horse along your ride.

It’s easy to use and very simple to fit onto your horse.


  • Comes in both straight and roper styles in either black or brown colors
  • Has a shock-absorbing neoprene backer that moves with your horse and resists the elements
  • Poly webbing detaches from the neoprene for easy, hassle-free cleaning
  • Features the patented Roll Snug Cinch Buckle
  • Easy to use and fit onto your horse


  • In some instances the neoprene can come loose or separate on the cinch after many rides

Total Saddle Fit Synthetic Shoulder Relief Girth

The Total Saddle Fit Synthetic Shoulder Relief Girth uses physics to create a comfortable, well-fitting cinch for most horses and riders. The manufacturer discovered that when the offset design of the cinch moves the billet line, it has the additional effect of changing the angle of the billets. This prevents forward angling in the billets and also prevents the saddle from causing undue forward pressure against the horse’s shoulders.

Of course, no product is perfect, and this cinch may fit oddly on some horses. Specifically, it may not fit properly on horses with high or upright shoulders or wider-than-average girths.


  • Comes in two colors, Black Dressage and Brown Jump
  • The synthetic material is antimicrobial and easy to clean
  • The unique design frees the horse’s shoulders from any saddle interference and pain or discomfort
  • Deep offset redirects billets to move the saddle away from the horse’s shoulders
  • Features a 10mm reinforced EVA foam padding


  • Fits oddly on some horses that have a higher or more upright shoulder or wider girth

Professional’s Choice Equine SMX Western

This cinch is made for the comfort and security of both you and your horse. Using a waffle-patterned texture along the bottom helps to prevent slipping so that your saddle stays securely in place during your ride.

The neoprene helps to generate sweat, and that helps to eliminate galling and girth sores on your horse while resisting bacterial growth or harboring. The cinch itself is very easy to clean, just take the webbing from the neoprene and wash separately.

The whole cinch is made from high-quality, heavy-duty materials that are made to last.


  • The neoprene provides extra comfort and support to you and your horse
  • This cinch won’t rub against your horse or cause irritation
  • It’s a very durable cinch with heavy-duty webbing and reinforced stitching
  • The stainless steel roller buckles allow you to easily and accurately secure the cinch
  • The stainless steel dees are stable and long-lasting


  • The sizing can sometimes be a little off, so you might want to order in the two sizes closest to your measurement and keep the one that fits the best

Classic Equine Mohair/Alpaca Roper

When you want an all-natural, aesthetically-pleasing cinch for your sensitive horse, you can’t do much better than the Mohair/Alpaca Cinch from Classic Equine. This cinch has a 27-strand structure woven entirely of mohair and alpaca fibers,except for the durable stainless steel hardware.

The 100% pure blend of natural fibers provide long-lasting durability and comfort. This cinch is incredibly soft and very forgiving of use on your horse’s body. They are also flexible and encourage a natural range of motion without any restrictions.


  • The natural fibers are woven together to create a vintage western style and design with the coloration
  • 100% pure blend of mohair and alpaca fibers that provide long-lasting comfort and softness
  • Uses a roller buckle and stainless steel hardware for easy cinching
  • The materials are naturally durable and strong while still being flexible and encouraging a natural range of motion


  • While it will fits well and works perfectly for most, it can sometimes pull on the horse a bit

Sensitive Horse Cinches Buying Considerations

If you’re not sold on any of our picks, don’t worry. We’ve listed some of the things that we look for and consider to be key in finding and choosing the best cinch for your sensitive horse.

Functionality and Intended Use

One of the things that you should be concerned with while looking for the right cinch for your sensitive horse is the intended function or overall functionality of the cinch itself. In addition to this, you should figure out how easy the cinch is to use and if it’s appropriate for your horse.

Your ride discipline can help you to determine the best cinch for your horse.

Neoprene and mohair cinches are most commonly used for Western disciplines and competitions, but neoprene and wool can also be used for training or riding for pleasure.

For dressage, short, black leather cinches are most common. Brown leather or fleece cinches are typically used for hunters and jumpers that enter the ring.

Size and Shape

When you’re buying a cinch, you need to make sure that it fits your horse. Not just the size of the cinch itself, but also the shape - it should complement your horse’s body shape, skin, and more.

Getting the proper measurements is relatively simple. To obtain the proper cinch size, you’ll need to measure from the rigging dee on one side of the saddle to the other, taking the route along the underside of your horse. From there, you need to subtract about 16 inches from the measurement, to accommodate about eight inches for each latigo. 


Cinches come in many different material types, and sensitive horses may react differently to each type, so you might need to experiment a little bit.


These are not only durable but are soft and tend to be more luxurious than other cinch types. Mohair stretches, which will guarantee you a perfect fit while still allowing for the horse’s lung expansion. Horses that are sensitive to synthetic fibers usually respond positively to mohair cinches, and natural fibers have great breathability.


They are naturally water-repellent and offer comfort as well as durability. These are also made of natural fibers and are great for horses that are sensitive to synthetics.


Is a shock-absorbing material that’s easy to clean and flexible enough to move with your horse. Because it’s easy to clean and has generally low maintenance needs, it’s a popular choice among riders.


This is one of the most economical options for cinches, but may not be the best for sensitive horses. However, they meet a wide range of riding needs.

Cool Flex-Foam

It doesn’t absorb heat and features unique airflow channels that offer the maximum amount of air circulation and comfort. AirFlex Cinches are made with this material.

Felt or Fleece-Lined

 They offer extra padding at a relatively low cost.

The Final Word

No matter your riding style, you need a high-quality cinch to keep you and your horse safe and comfortable. But when your horse has sensitivities, whether that be skin irritation or aversion to uncomfortable cinches, you need to find the best cinch for the sensitive horse.

In this article, we highlighted the top five best cinches for sensitive horses, and have also provided an informative buying guide for your convenience. Hopefully, this will help you make the best choice for you and your equine friend.

  • Updated June 23, 2023