Best Horse Barn and Stall Fans of 2023 | Reviews

Best Horse Barn and Stall Fans

A good barn or stall fan is perfect for keeping your horses nice and cool when things get too hot. As humans, we all know what it's like when scorching hot weather strikes, but we can simply go take a drink, sit in the shade, and use a fan to cool us down. Unfortunately, horses can't communicate their discomfort in warm weather, therefore, it is essential if you do keep horses locked up that you have the necessary equipment in place to ensure they don't suffer from the heat, and that there is no risk of the barn or stall overheating and going up in flames.

Because ensuring the well-being and health of your horses is a serious matter, you should also take seriously the gear and equipment you buy for them. This is why we've created our ultimate guide and reviews of the 5 best horse barn and stall fans on the market currently.

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Top 5 Rated Comparison Table

The Best Horse Barn and Stall Fans Reviewed

PMX 18 inch Black Indoor & Outdoor Wal

This 18” fan from NewAir is one of the most expensive on our list and packs a decent punch – with over 30000 CFMS with 3 different speeds to choose from. Like the Maxxair 18”, you switch the speeds simply by pulling the 3-speed chain. The blades are aluminum.

Unlike some cheaper models, the mounting bracket allows it to both tilt up and down, and rotate side-to-side for full coverage, wherever you are.

There aren’t a lot of complaints about the NewAir WindPro 18, but one we did notice was that it vibrates quite a bit and rattles around if not bolted down properly, which can be loud and annoying. Be sure to bolt it down tightly and keep things secure. It’s also quite expensive, but still not as powerful as some other, less-pricey models.

Overall, however, this is an excellent fan that is durable, very well-built, and puts out a decent amount of power.


  • Durable, well-built
  • Tilts and rotates side-to-side
  • 3 speeds; 3000 CFM
  • Waterproof and designed for humid use


  • Vibrates loudly - rattles if not bolted
  • Pricey

Maxxair Hvwm 18CD Industrial High Velocity Wall Mount

The Maxxair 18CD is a high-quality wall mount fan available for a low price. It’s made from powder-coated steel, with OSHA-compliant rust-resistant grilles that are made to withstand all kinds of heavy use. The 18” diameter provides an airflow of 2500 CFM making it appropriate for large spaces.

The Maxxair has three speeds -1150 CFMs, 1100 CFMs, and 1050 CFMS – and can be easily switched between the three using the built-in pull chain.  It hangs from a steel hanging bar, which tilts up to 180 degrees, and the fan engine is entirely dustproof to withstand dust and dirt. Overall, it’s a solidly-built fan ready for all kinds of use.

One con to the Maxxair, however, is the lack of mounting options. There is a hanging bar for hanging it, and there is also a hole for a lag bolt in the center. However, the fan cannot be mounted and aimed to the sides – only up and down – and the one bolt does not seem strong and sturdy enough, according to some users. The chain also snaps easily.

Overall, it’s still a good buy for an inexpensive and strong barn fan, provided you don’t need serious mounting options or a ton of power.


  • Three settings; easy pull-chain
  • Steel hanging bar
  • Tilts 180 degrees
  • Dustproof motor
  • Inexpensive


  • Not a lot of mounting options
  • Doesn’t pan side-to-side
  • Not the most durable

Hurricane Wall Mount Fan 20”

This 20” fan from Hurricane mounts on the wall, which many other fans do not. Hurricane puts a lot into building their fans, and it shows; it’s constructed with a thick, powder-coated metal finish, and backed up with a 1-year warranty. It’s powerful, too, moving a hefty 4500 CFMs (second only to the massive Lakewood 36” on this list) and puts out 140 watts. It tilts up and down, oscillates side-to-side, and covers a large area.

As mentioned, Hurricane puts a lot of thought and effort into constructing their fans, and this one is no different. The blades are aluminum, in addition to the powder-coated frame, and it’s rated to ETL safety specs.

A few complaints we have: the fan clicks loudly and jerks a lot when moving side to side, which is most definitely annoying. And it has been reported to show up missing important screws, as well as other hardware for mounting to the wall – which certainly makes using it hard.

Overall, it’s another great fan that moves a lot of air and is built to last. It obviously has some QC issues and that jerking when moving side-to-side is annoying, but it’s also one of the least-expensive fans on our list, making it a solid option.


  • Powder-coated metal finish
  • 4500 CFMS
  • 140 watts
  • Moves up and down, side to side
  • Rated to ETL safety standards


  • Often missing screws, mounting hardware, etc.
  • Very loud
  • Clicks and jerks when moving side-to-side

Lakewood 36”

The Lakewood 36” is the largest and most-powerful fan on our list. With a diameter of 36” size, it’s twice the size of our smallest fan and is capable of a massive 13,000 CFM.  That’s more than three times the CFMs of the next largest fan on our list. The motor is capable of ½ horsepower and has 3 speed settings.

The blades are covered with a corrosion-resistant coating for use outdoors, and it uses what they call a “metal shrouded design” for withstanding heavy use and help improve airflow speed. Lastly, it’s sat on durable metal caster wheels with kick plates to keep them stable and locked when you don’t need to move it.

As large and powerful as it is, there are a few complaints. First, it’s very loud, especially on high, which can be annoying and distracting. But perhaps more importantly, it’s not as sturdy as it could be; the build is steel, sure, and it’s got a nice corrosion-resistant coating, but it just doesn’t hold up to heavy use and becomes dented easily. It also sometimes arrives dented and missing screws.

If it were cheaper, we could look past the lack of durability and quality, but this is the most expensive fan on the list – which makes it hard to justify. If you simply want a fan that moves a LOT of air (13,000 CFMS) it will probably do just fine. Otherwise, look elsewhere.


  • Moves a lot of air (1300 CFMS). Powerful (1/2 horsepower)
  • 3 speed settings
  • Anti-corrosion coating for moisture, humidity
  • Metal caster wheels with kick plates


  • Expensive
  • Not as durable as cheaper models
  • Very loud

Air King 9318 Industrial Grade

The Air King is another 18” fan with a decent amount of power and a durable built. It’s made from powder-coated metal and rated to ETL and OSHA compliancy for safety, as well as tested to be compliant with AMCA standard 230.99, which sets standards for fans and heating vents. With three speeds, 1/6 max horsepower in the engine, and 120V, it’s capable of moving up to 3190 CFM’s at once, placing it squarely in the middle of our list in terms of power. And like other fans, you can control it with handy pull-chain.

Like the better-made fans out there, the Air King 18” also has an encloses, sealed motor that keeps dust and water from getting in. The

Problems? The chain is very weak and not very high-quality and has been known to break off when pulled hard. That goes for other parts of the fan, as well; it dents easily, and the screws come loose and snap way too easily. It’s also very loud.

Overall, the King Air 18” moves a lot of air has some good settings to choose from. For the price, it’s still a good deal, despite not being the highest-quality build out there.


  • Powder-coated metal build
  • ETL, OSHA, AMCA-compliant
  • 3190 CFM capacity
  • Sealed motor to protect from elements


  • Poorly built - chain is weak
  • Dents easily
  • Loud

What Makes A Good Fan for Horse Stalls and Barns

How Much Air Can It Move?

This will probably be the first thing you look for. How effective and powerful a fan is, is usually measured in CFMs – Cubic Feet Per Minute – which is essentially how much air volume it can move in a minute. The larger the number, the more powerful the fan, and you’ll see fans with numbers ranging from under 2000 CFMs to over 15-20,000 CFMS for industrial-strength fans. Depending on your much space to wish to cover and cool off, you’ll probably be fine with anything in that range.


Another important consideration. Barn fans are subject to a whole host of rough conditions – heat, humidity, dust, hay – wild animals. You need a durable fan that can handle all that and won’t break down at the first sign of dust or moisture. Look for corrosion-resistant coating, powder-coated steel construction, and a heavy-duty metal build that won’t dent or break easily. Also, look for enclosed, sealed motors and circuitry to keep water and dust out of the fan’s internal works.

Safety Features And Rating

While this may not seem especially important at first, having a good, safe fan that won’t overheat, start fires, or pose any hazards to your or the horses. Look for a UL507 rated motor, which means it’s waterproof and can be used outside; getting wet is no problem and can even be sprayed down to be cleaned off. Other ratings to look for are OSHA, ETL, and ACMA, which sets standards for fans and heating units. These will help ensure you’re getting a safe, stable fan for commercial use, or even if you're looking for a suitable fan for a horse trailer instead.

You may also look for fans with auto-off and overload switches in case the fan overheats in the dead of summer. Barn fires aren’t very fun!

Final Word

Our pick for the Best Barn Fan is the PMX 18” fan. While it’s not the most powerful fan, it does move a decent 3120 CFM’s with its 18” blades. It’s also one of the better-built fans out there – withstanding heavy use and moisture the way other fans do not. It also doesn’t cost as much as many other fans, making it a good buy and a worthwhile investment for a barn fan.

If you’d like to spend even less, you can get the Hurricane Wall Mount 20”. It costs about half as much but has larger blades and moves even more air – about 4500 CFMS. It’s not as well-built, and has some QC issues, but is another worthwhile option.

They’re both excellent choices and will help keep your barn from getting too hot and humid when the summer heat and humidity kick in, keeping you and your horses cool and comfortable.

  • Updated May 29, 2023