Best Fly Sheet for Horses in Hot Weather (Reviews) 2023

Best Fly Sheet for Horses in Hot Weather

During the summer months or in particularly hot weather, horses are often plagued by an array of biting insects, unforgiving UV rays, and a lack of heat protection. To properly protect your horse, you need a decent flysheet.

We’ve gathered a list of the five best flysheets for horses in hot weather and reviewed them to help make your shopping experience much easier.

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Top 5 Rated Comparison Table



UV Protection

Strap Type


Shires Sweet-Itch Combo


D-Rings with Adjustable Tape & Buckles

Loveson Zebra

Adjustable Buckles & Clips

Weatherbeeta Comfitec Airflow

Clips, Wraps, and Adjustable Bands

Kensington Platinum SureFit


Front Chest Snap and Adjustable Belly Straps

TuffRider Comfy Mesh


Front Buckle, Leg Straps, Adjustable Surcingles

Reviews of the Best Fly Sheets for Horses in Hot Weather

Shires Sweet-Itch Combo Fly Sheet

This flysheet made the top of our list for its great protection, lightweight 600 deniers ripstop fabric, and anti-rub lining at the deep shoulder gussets as well as in the chest and neck. It’s particularly a good buy if your horse suffers from Sweet-Itch, so if that’s a problem you’re having, you should definitely give this flysheet a try.

It blocks over 90% of UVB and UVA rays and will keep biting insects off of your horse. This will keep them safe, happy, and comfortable throughout the warm spring and summer months.


  • Deep shoulder gussets give your horse a full, unrestricted range of motion in the flysheet
  • Triple adjustable surscingles and a belly flap cover the horse’s stomach
  • The Sweet-Itch Combo offers additional coverage between and in front of the horse’s ears, which can be a favorite spot for biting insects
  • Offers fantastic UV protection in addition to bite protection
  • Made of a heavy, durable material that protects your horse from the elements and bugs


  • If your horse frequently rubs its neck and head, the lycra Sweet-Itch Combo cover may come forward off of the horse’s neck and ears and cover the face

Loveson Zebra Fly Rug

Are you looking for a flysheet with a fun pattern? Then Loveson has the flysheet for you. This rug comes in a fun, attractive zebra pattern that will make your horse look like it belongs on the savannah.

It has an all-in-one neck coverage that offers a greater amount of protection for your horse. Additionally, it has mane and shoulder lining to give your horse additional comfort while wearing this flysheet.


  • This flysheet is durable enough to stand colder winds and weather but it’s also lightweight and comfortable for all kinds of heat types, including desert
  • Very easy to fit onto your horse with adjustable straps, snaps, and clips on the belly bands
  • Protects horses from the harsh UV rays of the sun, helping to prevent fading or bleaching out of darker coated horses
  • The fabric is breathable to help resist and alleviate overheating
  • The all-in-one neck design offers a great deal of protective cover for your horse


  • Sometimes this sheet rips early on with their horse’s activity levels, but you may find that it is still entirely useable

Weatherbeeta Comfitec Airflow Standard Neck

This flysheet is made with the same 600 deniers ripstop fabric as the top pick of our list, so it’s equally as durable and protective. It’s designed to last, and also to properly protect your horse from biting insects, rain, and more.

It’s also great for protection during the fall and early winter months where the weather might be less harsh. That’s because it has a repel shell coating that is both breathable and waterproof.

All things considered, this is a great option for any equestrian looking to protect their horse from nature and the elements.


  • Has traditional shoulder gussets with nylon lining, making them comfortable, secure, and well-fitting
  • Features an EX-clip front closure and an adjustable belly band
  • Comes with a detachable neck flysheet and adjustable and removable leg straps
  • Features a full wrap tail flap
  • Offers great protection against rubbing


  • This flysheet is on the larger size and typically runs larger than measured, so keep that in mind if you order this flysheet

Kensington Platinum SureFit Protective Sheet

This flysheet is made by Kensington. Kensington is known for making affordable, high-quality horse gear and this flysheet is a prime example of that.

This flysheet is great for year-round use, from hot summers to cold winters. It’s thick enough to endure some winter weather conditions including cold wind, light snow, and things of that nature, but don’t count on it to protect your horse in freezing rain or hail if they’re out and about. 

This flysheet comes in a variety of sizes and over a dozen color options, so you’re sure to find the perfect sheet for your horse.


  • Comes in a variety of light and dark colors for all weather conditions
  • The fabric is 78% air permeable and eliminates heat transference, making it perfect for protecting your horse during the summer months
  • Blocks a majority of UV rays that could be harmful to your horse
  • Fly-proof, UV-resistant, soil-resistant, fire-retardant, mildew-resistant, and fade-resistant
  • Detachable elastic leg straps offer a contoured fit


  • It isn’t as breathable as some would like, with references to their horses sweating in 90+ degree Fahrenheit weather being reported

TuffRider Comfy Mesh

We’re going to round out our review list with the TuffRider Comfy Mesh Fly Sheet. This is a great flysheet option for horses that are typically less active, or to use for your horse after a run. It’s made to be comfortable and soft on your horse’s body.

This is also a great option as a back-up flysheet for your primary choice, and the cost is low enough to justify adding it to your horse’s available wardrobe. It offers fantastic protection against biting insects and UV rays.


  • It’s lightweight but provides great protection from insects and coat fading
  • Made of 100% polyester for comfort
  • Has lining in the shoulder areas
  • Machine washable
  • Has multiple buckles, cross surcingles, and adjustable straps for a great fit


  • The stitching isn't great

Horse Fly Sheets for Hot Weather Buying Considerations

When you’re looking for flysheets for your horse or horses, you want to make sure that what you choose is the best of the best. There are several criteria that you should think about and consider before committing to a purchase of any flysheet. Here, we’ve listed some of those things.

The Fit of the Fly Sheet

Horses are all, roughly, the same shape when you consider them as a whole species, but as any equestrian knows, horses come in many different varieties and sizes. As a result, it’s important to find a flysheet that fits your horse’s specifications for optimum protection.

Horsefly sheets, at least the quality ones, come in a variety of sizes, cuts, trims, designs, and more. Additionally, they should have adjustable straps or buckles for the best fit and security while your horse will be wearing it.

You should be sure to measure your horse from the center of its chest and down to where the tail meets the body. This measurement, usually in inches, will give you the basis of how you will determine which flysheet will fit best. Some flysheets offer additional measurements for the neck and shoulders, but these are less common and are usually for custom-tailored sheets.

Getting an ill-fitting flysheet, one that is either too small or too large, won’t do you or your horse any favors, so properly measuring the animal and making sure that the sheet has quality straps or buckles is key.


The protective capabilities of a flysheet are likely why you’re looking to get one anyway, but we felt it necessary to reiterate the importance of checking the level of protection that a given flysheet offers.

Horseflies, mosquitoes, and in some areas, bot flies can be a real problem that your horses have to face daily during the warmer months of the year. Additionally, an excessive amount of UV radiation from the longer, intensely sunnier hours of the day can be harsh for your horse to endure.

Fly sheets were made and are intended to protect your horse from annoying and potentially deadly insects, and some of the better ones will additionally protect them from UV rays. Along with that, some flysheets can also act as jackets to protect your horse from rain and cold wind.

So when choosing your flysheet, it’s important to know not only how frequently your horse is bothered by pests, but also what kinds of weather conditions you need to prepare for.


While at first glance the color of a flysheet may not seem important, it actually is.

According to research studies, flies and other insects are typically more attracted to darker colors. Black, brown, navy, and similar colors, while attractive, may inadvertently be attracting horse flies and other insects to your horse.

While the flysheet is meant to protect them, it does not cover the horse’s entire body, and any exposed areas are up for grabs by the insects.

With this in mind, it is better to choose lighter color flysheets for your horse rather than darker ones. Also, especially during the hotter summer months, you should keep in mind that darker colors warm up much more quickly than lighter colors. So in addition to not drawing the attention of pesky bugs, lighter flysheets will help to keep your horse cooler. 

The Final Word

When your horse needs protection from biting insects, UV rays, or rain, the best solution is to have a high-quality flysheet. The flysheets in our above reviews are perfect for keeping your horse safe, happy, and healthy.

  • Updated June 9, 2023