Best Ice Boots for Horses (2021 Reviews)

Best Horse Ice Boots

Some people think that ice boots are designed to protect horse's hoofs from snow or ice on the ground, but in actual fact, they are designed to cool your horse’s legs down after exercising, training, competing, or even after an injury. The muscles and joints can easily become strained if overworked, this is why it’s important to either prevent any further injury by ensuring that the legs don’t get too hot.

Ice boots or wraps are perfect for any size of horse, and do not cause them any discomfort when wearing them. Although their not the most expensive equine accessory out there, there are a lot of poorly manufactured ones to avoid. Check out my best 5 horse ice boots and wraps that I chose and reviewed below.

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Top 5 Rated Comparison Table

The Best Ice Boots for Horses Reviewed

Professional's Choice Ice Boot

My personal number 1 pick for keeping your horse’s legs nice and cool is the Professionals Choice Ice Boot. These ice therapy boots come in a pair and have two sizes available to choose from - Standard, which are 13 3/4" tall x 15" wide and Large, which measures 17" tall x 17" wide.

These boots sport a neoprene exterior, which helps keep the gel packets inside the boot nice and cold for extended periods of use. The inside of the boot is lined with nylon, which is great for protecting the skin of the horse, which also stops the ice causing any serious damage to the animal. They’re simple to attach to the horse and will typically fit most front and hind leg sizes. To use correctly, all you have to do is place the wraps in a freezer until frozen, then take them out and apply to the horse.

These ice therapy wraps are my top pick, but they do come in as the most expensive choice. If you can afford to splash out on them and are looking for the best quality boots for preventing and easing injuries to your horse, then these should be your choice.

Verdict: Best Overall


  • Quality, comfortable material
  • Easy to attach and use
  • Good fit
  • Come as a pair
  • Carry bag included


  • Expensive - though come as a pair

Tough 1

This is my budget cold therapy boots pick. There are 3 colors to choose from - black, blue and red. Tough only offers these boots in one size - 18 x 8 x 6 inches and weigh in at 2.35 pounds.

Made from tough nylon material, They are simple to attach to the horse, using 4 velcro straps that are perfect for applying the correct pressure on the leg. Ice therapy is excellent for helping horses that have arthritis or other long-term problems with their legs. Simply freeze the wraps first, then apply when frozen to the leg. Tough have designed these boots so that they are still soft when frozen and do not cause any discomfort when applied. 

Because they are a budget pick, they obviously don’t have the quality and cooling qualities of a top-end choice such as Professional’s Choice boots, but they are still great value for money. Another thing to note is that you only get 1 Tough boot with this purchase, you will have to purchase more separately if you want to protect more legs.


  • Great value for money
  • 3 colors to choose from
  • Reasonable ice therapy
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to attach and adjust


  • You only get a single boot with the purchase
  • Only one size available
  • Material not as good as bigger brand

Horze Finntack Pro

Another reasonably cheap priced cooling wraps come from the lesser-known manufacturer Finn-Tack. These horse wraps only come in one size - 6 1/2 inches tall X  15 1/2 inches wide, but offer 3 different colors - blue, purple, and red.

This pick is relatively similar to the Tough boots above both in terms of price and what they offer. Made with a heavy denier nylon shell, the wraps are very easy to attach and adjust with the 4 velcro closures it has on it. The ice boots have gel packs inside them, which help keep the wraps cool when wrapped around the horse's legs. Although there is only one size offered from Finn-Tack, they have a good fit to them and are very comfortable for the animal.

Again, the quality on hand may not be the best compared with other picks, but it is another cheap option on the list.


  • Comfortable fit
  • Easily adjusted with velcro closures
  • Decent price
  • Reasonable cooling


  • Only one boot included
  • One size available
  • Material could be better

Intrepid International

From Intrepid International, this boot is very big, but can be adjusted to nearly any size you need for your horse. It only comes in one color - navy blue, with a soft elastic interior that has 9 pockets for ice. The standard size that they come in is 22 Inches Tall by 15 Inches wide and are very lightweight at only 14.4 ounces.

These wraps are very flexible in terms of size and cooling pads. Although the standard size that it comes in is pretty big, it can be easily adjusted thanks to the 6 straps that are used to secure it. It also has 9 pockets inside it for ice packs or pads, which offers excellent ice therapy for your horse, and is excellent for cooling horses legs that compete or exercise a lot.

The Intrepid equine boots are a little more expensive than other picks, but not by a lot. You also only get 1 boot with the purchase, so if you want a matching pair, then you’ll need to buy another one. You’ll also have to purchase ice packs or pads separately to put inside the pockets of the wraps.


  • Very adjustable and adaptable to most leg sizes
  • Plenty of cooling thanks to the 9 pockets
  • Really light
  • Comfortable fit


  • A little more expensive
  • One standard size - though can be adjusted easily
  • Only comes in navy blue
  • No ice packs or pads included

Roma Full

Not our top pick, but still a cheap option worth considering for your horse is the Roma Full Ice Boots. They are made with heavy-duty nylon and weigh in at 2 pounds. You can only purchase them in one color - black and only come in one standard size.

They are a cheap option as they come as a pair and are also pretty durable. They’re not the most comfortable material, but they are designed to last. The Roma boots do an ok job of cooling the horse legs, but are not as effective as the other picks on the list. The zip can be useful for getting the boots on quick, and does come with adjustable suspenders for holding the boots on.

Although the adjustable suspenders are there to adjust the boots as mentioned above, I feel like they don’t offer the adjustability that velcro models have. The material used is ok, but you will find that they won’t be the most comfortable fitting boots for your horse. They are a cheap purchase, but this is because they lack the quality of other brands.


  • Cheap for a pair
  • Will last a decent amount of time
  • Do an average job of cooling


  • Not the most comfortable
  • Lacks the quality of other brands
  • Not great for adjusting
  • Only one size
  • Just come in black

What Makes Good Horse Ice Boots?


The whole idea of these wraps and boots is to cool your horse’s legs down after exercising, or if you take them to perform at shows on the road. Their legs can get pretty hot quickly and can easily overdo it, causing injury. As well as preventing injury, they can be used to help nurse a short or even long-term injury or condition such as arthritis. Sometimes referred to as ice therapy, the boots you buy should be easy to cool, stay cool for long periods of time, and should not cause any damage or discomfort to the horse when applied directly to the leg.

Fit & Sizes

A lot of the makes you’ll find only offer 1 general size in their boots, however, it’s important to note that they all can be adjusted with straps or velcro. As long as the size that the manufacturer offers fits your horse, then adjusting it to get the correct ice compression shouldn’t be too hard.

Material and Comfortability

You obviously want a material that’s long-lasting and durable, but at the same time, you want something that’s comfortable for the horse. Most boots have different interior and exterior material, the exterior typically being a harder type of nylon material, and the interior being softer as it is directly applied to the horse’s leg. Every animal is different, so some might react negatively to the material used on their leg, and it may even cause them great discomfort. You want an interior material used along with the ice cooling that’s not going to irritate or cause any discomfort to the leg when wearing for extended periods.

Final Word

That’s a wrap on our 5 best horse ice boots review. I hope that I’ve provided you with enough information to make the right choice for your horse, and they can enjoy the benefits of some nice ice therapy on their legs. It’s important to look after your horse if they do a lot of exercises or are involved in shows a lot, as their legs can easily be overworked, which, if not addressed, can lead to long-term damage.

  • Updated August 28, 2021