Best Goat and Sheep Hoof Trimmers of 2023 | Reviews

Best Sheep and Goat Hoof Trimmer

Good hoof trimmers can make all the difference when it comes to trimming your goat or sheep's hoves. Trimming is an essential part of keeping these animals on a farm or pasture and needs to be done regularly. If you have a lot of sheep or goats running around, then it may take a long time to trim every one of them. A set of trimmers are ideal for getting the job done, but you'll want something that's safe and easy to use. If you need to trim alot of animals, then you'll also want something that has the ability to get through thick hooves as quickly as possible.

If you're looking for a good set, then not to worry as we've gone ahead and removed the guesswork for you. We've reviewed in detail, the 5 best sheep and goat trimmers to help keep your animal's feet nice and healthy.

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The Best Goat and Sheep Hoof Trimmers Reviewed

Premier ExoTrim Serrated Trimmer

Sometimes, you just need a little more cutting power. That’s where the Premier ExoTrim and its serrated blade comes into play. The trimmers are a total 8.5” long, with 2” blades made of Japanese carbon steel – one of which is serrated, while the other is smooth. The serrated blade is meant to “grip” onto hard hooves and prevent the blade from slipping. They also have slightly rounded tips, which makes cleaning manure and other grime out of hooves easy.

People find that these cut very well; the blade holds a good edge, and the strong spring makes it easy to get a powerful cutting motion, without putting a whole lot of power and grip into them. They’re quite durable, too.

Our one complaint is the plastic handle; it’s quite smooth, which makes getting a good grip a bit harder than it needs to be, especially when wet.

But otherwise, these are another excellent pair of hoof trimmers that are also quite cheap. They’ve got high-quality, tough, carbon steel blades and the added bonus of a serrated edge for tougher jobs where grip is needed. This makes them our favorite pair of hoof trimmers and a top pick for quality and cutting.


  • Serrated blade
  • Rounded tips
  • Sharp, hold an edge well


  • Plastic handle is hard to grip

ARS HP-140DX Multi-Purpose Shears

The ARS HP-140DX is a solid option for when you want a versatile pair of shears that does more than just cut trim hoofs and nails. They have 2” straight blades made from high carbon steel, which is very sharp, holds an edge, and are easy to resharpen. They are even chrome-plated, to help protect from rusting and corrosion over their lifespan.

The shears are made entirely from metal, including the handles, which have a comfortable grip covering to ensure they hold up well. People who have used them find that they cut hooves well, still work for other jobs and do an exceptional job at holding their edge, sharpening easily and well – something other clippers simply do not do. The size is also good for maneuvering the clippers, cutting at angles and tight spots, etc.

Problems? They’re not quite as durable as some people would like; the cutting bolt in the center of the blades does not hold up very well, sometimes jams and sticks.

But when they’re working, they’re an excellent pair. Super sharp and holds an edge very well – and will last a long time.


  • Carbon steel blade holds up especially well
  • 2” blades are the perfect size for most jobs
  • Works for more than just hooves
  • Chrome-plated for corrosion-resistance


  • Bolt sticks, jams

Hoof Boss Complete Goat Hoof Care/ Trimmer Set 110v US

The Hoof Boss is an all-in-one hoof care set, meant for trimming, smoothing, and finishing their hooves as quickly and easily as possible. First, it’s powered, with a 100V motor and 4, 8-tooth chain discs, which make quick of tough hooves, cutting through them quite aggressively. It also comes with an assortment of sanders for smoothing and finishing the hooves after grinding them, ensuring a complete job.

Cutting hooves with the Hoof Boss is easy, as the motor powers through just about anything. Users and reviewers love it and find it does a great job, especially as smoothing the hooves down afterwards. It’ll take some practice, but will leave you with a perfectly-done, smooth job on even the gnarliest of hooves.

Our only complaint? It’s expensive. Very expensive, for what it is. You must really need it to justify spending the extra money. It’s also quite loud – which is irritating and can spook the goats and sheep.

But if you can justify spending the extra money, there’s really no better way to get perfectly smooth hooves every time. We highly recommend it.


  • Powerful, motorized
  • Comes with 8-tooth chain discs
  • Sander discs
  • Powers through tough hooves


  • Expensive
  • Loud

Zenport Q91 Zen-Magic Ultra Shear

An inexpensive but versatile pair of trimmers, the Zenport Q91’s measure 7.5” long, with non-stick coated blades that keep them from sticking and jamming and “reduce fatigue,” whatever that means. The spring-loaded automatic opening is strong and springs the blade open quickly, making it easy to quick, easy cuts.

And when it comes to sharpness – these things are sharp! Users have commented on just how sharp they are, how well and quickly they cut – and how well they hold an edge. You won’t have to sharpen them often, and they’ll hold up to even the toughest of nail jobs.

A few complaints include quality – especially of the latch, which breaks easily – and the spring sometimes sticks (too bad, because the non-stick coating on the blades works super well).

Otherwise, for a super-cheap pair of trimmers, these work super well. The blades are really nice and coated so as not to stick, and the spring is very strong when it’s not jammed. You should have no problems cutting any hooves with these.


  • Coated, non-stick blades
  • Very sharp
  • Holds edge well
  • Strong, spring-loaded opening


  • Latch is cheap
  • Spring gets stuck

DEEALL Goat and Horse Hoof Trimmer

The DEALL Goat and Horse Hoof Trimmer is another set of affordable trimmers, with serrated blades. The blades are made from JIS SK5 Carbon steel, which is tough, durable, and holds an edge very well. One blade is smooth, the other entirely serrated, which helps it grip on to the hoof and prevents it from slipping while cutting – like the Premier ExoTrim.

The 8” length provides just the right amount of power and balance, allowing you to cut easily with less squeezing. And the handles even have a “frosted rubber” coating, which keeps your hands from slipping and gives some good grip. There’s even a rubber loop that goes around your wrist for “extra security.” And with the strong internal spring, they cut quickly and easily.

The one thing we would like to see on these trimmers is a better locking mechanism. The one they built in is made of cheap plastic and doesn’t really hold up the way we’d like it to.

For a very inexpensive pair of trimmers with serrated blades, you really can’t go wrong with the DEEALL trimmers.


  • Affordable
  • Carbon steel blades
  • Sharp and easy to sharpen
  • Serrated blades
  • Grippy rubber coating


  • Poor locking mechanism; cheaply made

What To Look For In Good Hoof Trimmers for Goats and Sheep

Picking a set of hoof trimmers is much like choosing a pair of shearing clippers, you want something that's up to the job of getting through all the sheep, while also being as safe and comfortable as possible for the animal.

Blade Edge and Hardness

First, pay attention to the blade. You want the hardest and sharpest blade you can find, and one that holds an edge well and doesn’t require a lot of sharpening. This usually means one made of carbon steel, which delivers the most in terms of hardness, but regular steel works well too.

You may also want to look for a serrated blade; the serrated edge helps grip onto the hoof so it doesn’t slip, and allows you to get better, stronger cuts.

Strong Spring

A good, strong spring opening will make cutting a lot easier; the stronger the spring, the faster it will open and close, allowing for quicker work, and the harder and more decisive each stroke will be. This will also help keep your hands and arms from tiring too quickly.

Good Handle

Lastly, pick a pair of trimmers with a good handle – one comfortable enough to hold on to and get the good, solid grip required for a strong, accurate cutting motion. Ideally, this would involve rubberized grip and padding, but a hard-rubberized grip works too. Either is better than what many clippers have - hard plastic handles, that are slippery and can difficult to grasp. They also hurt your hands a bit after you’ve been cutting for a while.

Final Thoughts

So which one is our top pick? We’d have to say we recommend the Premier ExoTrim as our favorite goat and sheep hoof trimmers. While their plastic handle is a bit slippery, they are overall an excellent set of trimmers that can tackle any job, with Japanese carbon steel blades, a nice serrated edge for extra grip on smooth hooves, and provide plenty of cutting power. They also don’t break the bank.

If you take your hoof trimming more seriously and don’t mind investing even more, than you may want to look at the Hoof Boss. It’s a complete, motorized hoof trimmer set with sharp blades, sander discs, and enough power to smooth out even the roughest of hooves. It’s expensive, yes, but is totally worth it for those tougher jobs.

Any of the sets we’ve outlined above will do nicely, however. Grab a pair for yourself and happy trimming.

  • Updated May 26, 2023