Best Sheep and Goat Clippers of 2023 (Reviews)

Best Goat and Sheep Clippers

A good pair of sheep or goat clippers is essential if you're into keeping them on a farm or pasture. If you have a large number of them roaming around, then you need something that will let you quickly and efficiently, shear their coats. Just like having the right trimmers for hooves, you'll want a quality pair of clippers for shearing, but at the same time, a set that is safe and up to the job at hand. The last thing you want is a set overheating or burning out on you, or even worse, injuring one of your animals!

That's why we've come up with a special buying guide to help you choose the right pair. Check out our reviews below of the 5 best sheep and goat clippers to buy for your money below.

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Top 5 Rated Comparison Table

The Best Sheep and Goat Clippers Reviewed

JEMPET Sheep Shears

The Jempet Sheep Shears are a serious pair of clippers for serious sheep shearing. It has 380W of power and 2500 RPM, like many others, but has a whole host of other features that make it an excellent, versatile choice; 6 different gears to make cutting easy, adjustable speeds, and adjustable blade tension to work with all kinds and thicknesses of hair.

Furthermore, the copper motor provides for a reduced vibration and resistance to very high heat. It’s quiet and easy to use, and the user-friendly, ergonomic design makes holding it and cutting easy and comfortable. People who have used it also say it stays cool and doesn’t overheat, like so many other sheep shearers out there.

Our biggest drawback, then, would probably be cost; they’re the most expensive clippers on our list – even if they don’t offer the same quality as many others. For that reason, they’re knocked down a few pegs on our list.

If you want some shearers with several speeds and adjustable settings, as well as adjustable blade tension, and have the money to spare, they’re still a good choice.


  • 6 different speeds
  • Adjustable Blade Tension
  • Stays very cool
  • High-quality build 
  • Ergonomic grip


  • Expensive

Pet & Livestock HQ 380W

The Pet and Livestock HQ 380W are another solid pair of Sheep and Goat Clippers. They’re powerful and high-quality, with a cutting speed of 2500 RPM for quick, efficient shearing. The blade tension is adjustable to adapt to the shearing job at hand, and it comes with “wear-resistant” alloy steel blades. The blades also have ventilators, which help keep the blades from overheating.

On the inside is a copper motor, which has high heat resistance, low noise and vibration, and is powered by 380 watts of power. And to top it off, it has a comfortable, ergonomic handle and grip for easy use.

A common complaint is that the blades dull a bit quickly on sheep with exceptionally thick hair, despite the “wear resistance” they advertise. And they also get very hot after heavy use, making the handle uncomfortable and difficult to use.

Otherwise, they’re an excellent pair of shearers that you can still afford, and that cuts quickly and efficiently.


  • 380W motor. 2500 RPM cuts quickly, efficiently
  • Adjustable blade tension
  • Alloy steel blades
  • Ventilators to prevent overheating


  • Handle can get hot
  • Blades dull quickly, despite “wear-resistance.”

Best Choice Products 320W Clippers

Much less expensive than the Pet and Livestock shearers but very close in overall power, the Best Choice Products clippers pack 320W of power – making them capable of working on goats, sheep, llamas, and even horses and cattle with a change of shearing head, if you were ever to need such a thing. They cut at up to 2400 RPM – right behind the Pet and Livestock’s 2500.

Also, the blades are 3” wide, so they make quick work of even large animals, cutting through matted hair with ease. Best Choice Products even tosses in a thick, heavy-duty carrying case for storing them when in not use.

A few complaints: First, they’re loud. Very loud. This is not only irritating but can also scare the animals – which makes grooming them harder than need be. Second, the blades become easily misaligned, as the screws loosen easily. This can obviously mess up a cutting job and can also be a bit dangerous.

But overall, we like these clippers. They’re decently well-made, have plenty of power and cut quickly, thanks to the large blade size. If you can deal with the loud volume and take care of the blades, they should work well.


  • 2400 RPM
  • 320W power
  • 3” blades
  • Works on all sorts of animals
  • Carrying case included


  • Very loud
  • Blades come loose

The PanelTech Shears are a great entry level, budget option for the Pet and Livestock Shears market. They put out 320W of AC power, and up to 2500 RPM for quick, easy cutting. The cutting head is made from durable aluminum, and the blade tension is also adjustable to work on hair of all thicknesses and textures.

Users who like the PanelTech sheep shears say they’re very sharp and work very quickly, cutting through hair and fur without a second thought.

People who don’t like them, however, see them as a bit cheap, and even a bit dangerous. The blades come loose, fall out, and slip easily – which can lead to accidentally cutting the animals. You’ll need to continuously adjust the blade to keep them cutting properly and safely. And the build quality just isn’t as good as it could be.

Again, these are another good pair of clippers – powerful, sharp, but probably best for lightweight jobs considering the lower W. If you’re careful and don’t mind constantly adjusting the blade tension, they will work fine for any animal.


  • Quick and powerful for lightweight jobs
  • 320W of power
  • Sharp Aluminum blades
  • Adjustable blade tension


  • Blades come loose easily. Need Constant adjusting.
  • Can be dangerously sharp
  • Not the best construction

The Yescom 380W Shearers have 380W of power, like the Genssi and the Pet and Livestock, and the motor cuts at up to 2500 RPM. They’re made from an “enhanced nylon” and have a rubber handle for a safe, secure grip. They also have a very different blade design that is sharper and deeper than usual shearing blades, making them more effective at working through especially thick and matted hair.

The Yescom clippers also boast a ventilation system to keep the motor from overheating, and the motor itself is supposed to be very quiet, with little vibration or noise. They cut well and easily.

A few complaints people have concern the quality, as well as how hot they get. Quality issues include blades coming loose and falling apart, and some people have even reported the motor quitting after a few uses. They also tend to get quite hot, especially in the handle, even with the special vents to keep them from overheating. You need to let them cool down every 30 minutes or so while using it.

Overall, the YESCOM shearers compete with the other shearers in their same price range, but don’t stand out from the pack for any reason.


  • Enhanced nylon build, rubberized grip
  • 2500 RPM, 380W power
  • Ventilation system
  • Quiet, doesn’t vibrate too much


  • Can overheat with heavy use
  • Not the highest quality

What To Look For In Good Clippers for Goats or Sheep

RPM and Cutting Power

Sheep clippers need to be able to cut seriously thick, tough wool coats, and that requires a good amount of power. So pay attention to how powerful the motor is, which is usually measured in watts and in RPM – how many times the blades move per minute. The more RPM and wattage, the faster it will make of heavy coats. Most clippers on our list put out between 2400 and 2500 RPM and between 300 and 380 watts of power.

Noise Level

While this can’t be measured objectively, how loud your shearers and the motor are is very important. A very loud pair of clippers is no fun to listen to, for neither sheep or shearer, and can spook the animal –  making it hard to keep them still. So read some reviews and pick a quieter set.

Adjustable Blades

Adjustable blades allow you to set the tension to precisely what is needed for a close cut. Over time, blade tension loosens, as sharpening and using the blades slowly and gradually thins and removes some of the metal. And the weaker the blade tension gets, the more likely it becomes for hair to get caught between the blades, making cutting difficult.

Adjusting blade tension can take some practice to get right, and sometimes requires a tool. But being able to adjust it ensures you can keep cutting smoothly while sharpening the blades frequently, and that dull blades won’t pose any hazards to the animals.

Final Word

Overall, our Top Pick is the Jempet Sheep Shears. They’re the most expensive, but some of the highest quality, with an ergonomic rubber handle, 380W, and 2400 RPM of cutting power. They don’t overheat, like so many other clippers out there, and are overall an easy pair of shearers to use.

If, however, you don’t have that much money to spend, you may want to look at either the Best Choice Products, or the YESCOM clippers. They’re both available at much lesser prices and provide either nearly as much cutting power, or just as much, as the Jempet Sheep Shears. They also have adjustable blade tension, among other handy features.

  • Updated June 9, 2023